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Full text of "The Fate Of Man In The Modern World"

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16                        THE FATE OF MAN


Once the veil of civilization was torn aside t
the war, the prime realities were revealed in a
their nakedness. The faith itx mankind whic
had existed for nineteen hundred years was final]
shattered. Faith in God had been shaken earlie
and loss of one was followed by loss of the othe
The humanist myth about man was exploded, an
the abyss yawned at the feet of mankind. Th
wolf-like life of capitalist society was not able t
encourage and support the faith in man* Ma
himself is left out of the picture. Economic
which should have aided man, instead of being fc
his service, is discovered to be that for which ma
exists: the non-human economic process. Th
war merely put into plain words what was alread
implicit in capitalism, that man is of no accouni
that he has not only ceased to be the suprem
value, but value of any sort. And almost all th
movements launched against capitalism since th
war have accepted the same attitude toward maj
which characterized both capitalism and the wa
itself. This is the most characteristic process o
our times. Man appears unable to withstand thi
process, to defend his own value, to find suppot
within himself, and he gtasps, as at a life-belt, a
t|iŁ collective, communist or national and racial
at the State as the Absolute here on earth, ot a